My Experiences of God, 2020, a poem

January, 2020: Helping others, not about me, distant, be with them; community coming together to learn about One Human Family Quad Cities Area–great turn out!

February, 2020: Busy helping others learn about racial justice, winter, snow, help others, not about me, distant.

March, 2020: It’s here, everything stopping, longing for the busyness because I’m scared; Hey, God, I’m afraid, please keep those I love safe. What if I don’t see them again? Holding tightly to Fear not, for I am with you.

April, 2020: Spring is coming, thanking God for the sound of the birds, melting snow; adjusting to masks, more sunshine, beginning to see everything being closed/canceled; overwhelmed, focus on one day at a time; it is coming, I will do my part to help protect others, I’m sad with God about people hunting people; Closer, it involves me, I can’t see how to move forward with many comforting routines.

May, 2020: God is in the warm feeling of the sun; I’m starting to feel more comfortable with restricted routines; deep pain watching the killing of a person; actions need to be taken but I can’t see how; protesting does not change systemic structures, but can’t see what will; God please help, it hurts.

June, 2020: Backing up my Black friends and sharing with them the love that I have for them; Asking God to make sure they feel love radiating from me and others like a Care Bear; need to show I value people over business, care and love over greed; God help me to see your path.

July, 2020: I got this, I am not afraid; an opportunity presents itself to bring about greater racial equity in our community, God will be with me, God is with me. I am not above hustling. Black lives matter belongs to us all; confusion about those that can’t see that, God help them.

August, 2020: Resistance to what can better things for all of us, must be met with love; God is love; the learning process is love; the learning process is God, I believe God exists within others–let me connect to that; keeping my eyes on God’s work, God’s message; admitting my own fear to God when claiming Black lives matter in all White spaces; Being reminded that I am not alone and that God is with me by seeing paths through experiences that are shaped by kindness.

September, 2020: We did it here; more accountability needed everywhere; God please bring justice to all; Help me to see how to move forward with One Human Family-Macomb; trust God provides support for God’s work.

October, 2020: Let’s take it one step at a time still and make sure that all are included; Keep working on your awareness of your assumptions about others–trust that God is helping you see those assumptions.

November, 2020: Better to not kill than to share a meal with others; God, help me to see how to be close yet distant with others.

December, 2020: There is much to be thankful for; thanking God for science and vaccines; Why is it that the only folks I know who’ve gotten COVID are Black people? God says Black lives matter.


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