A Shakespearean-ish sonnet to the gods of writing

Inspired by my comprehensive exams (all three times), my dissertation, and my tenure requirements…

Today I’ll seek a power not of me.
For me, I pain, I whine, I see my fate.
I say so long as words are what need be
I can try positive thinking on as mate.

I know my success is much of energy and time.
Did not I write a phrase with clearness and prose?
An edit it needs, an erase, in order to rhyme.
A try this tweak, an idea, for how it grows.

A process for me, I want, I desire as smooth.
For writing I do, others said it needs some work.
So, I am fighting a voice, and hoping a groove,
Will find me before quit, and can’t, which lurk.

So long as I am doing my best and continue to try.
So long as I am striving this is my sigh.



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